01 November 2012

More Fibs

John Rentoul spotted another fib; one I missed. Both Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne in their conference speeches claimed that:
In every single year of this Parliament the rich will pay a greater share of our nation's tax revenues than in any one of the 13 years that Labour were in office.
In fact the only year for which figures have been published is 2010-2011 which show the top decile paying a smaller share than previously. It seems the government are relying on figures for the proportion of income tax receipts paid by the top decile. It is not what they said but even that fails if 2010-2011 is included.

The claim is a fib.

Afterthought: if the top decile took a larger share of income then they would pay a larger share of income tax. Is increasing inequality something the government should be boasting about?

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